About New Science Ventures

New Science Ventures, LLC (NSV) is a leading venture capital firm focused on building companies that leverage breakthrough science to create extraordinary value.  NSV invests in companies using science-based innovations to address market needs in Life Sciences (pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices, and diagnostics) and Information Technology (e.g., high-performance semiconductors, cellular infrastructure, sensor networks, enterprise software, and storage) sectors.

NSV was founded in 2004 by Somu Subramaniam, Managing Partner, and Tom Lavin, Partner.


Similar to many other Firms, we:

  1. Look for companies that address large, global markets (> $1 billion)
  2. Invest in companies with differentiated value propositions
  3. Seek out and build strong management teams

But many aspects of our strategy are unique to NSV.  We:

  1. Focus on fundamental, science-based innovation with strong IP-based protection. Many of our investments are "hard sciences" based
  2. Go where the science is. Many of our companies are outside the traditional Tech and Life Science hubs like the US West Coast (e.g. in Austin, North Carolina, Berlin, Brussels)
  3. Focus on the company-specific context and frequently take contrarian views
  4. Are very disciplined around entry valuation and capital efficiency
  5. Build teams that fit the companies’ stage of development, employing ”virtual” business models as much as possible
  6. Look for right investment teams and syndicates – willing to lead, follow, or be sole investors
  7. Are patient and continue to support our companies as long as we are convinced about the underlying value proposition and the ability to make attractive returns