October 26, 2017

Stop Wasting Budget and Resources on Legacy Backup

Stop Wasting Budget and Resources on Legacy BackupSometimes history repeats itself, and sometimes you have to reinvent the wheel. Many of my favorite stories of the history of storage come from discussions with Caringo Product Manager Glen Olsen, who leads Caringo’s efforts to bridge the gap between traditional storage and our scale-out hybrid storage solution.

Feeling nostalgic for tape backup, or just trying to figure out how to continue to store and protect all the mountains of data that your organization is collecting without breaking the IT budget bank? Watch this on-demand webinar featuring Glen where he takes us back to 1951. Learn about the history of tape and the evolution of backup. Then, hear how Caringo Swarm continuously protects your data at up to 75% lower TCO vs. traditional storage—and that’s 75% lower TCO before backup costs for traditional storage are counted.

Watch the Recording

Want to reclaim your backup budget and reduce your storage costs for reinvestment or simply reduce costs for increased profit? Contact us for a consultation today, or visit us at SC17 booth #1001 to learn more.

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